May 21, 2020

Arnold Friberg, One of the Greatest Painter in America

Arnold Friberg, One of the Greatest Painter in America – Arnold Friberg is a painter from America who was born on December 21, 1913. He passed away on July 1, 2010. The works of Arnold Friberg are dominated by patriotic, war, and religious themes. He combines those themes in his painting and creates an incredible and amazing painting. He is also widely known for his contribution to the film The Ten Commandments. In this film, he made 15 pre-visualization paintings. Due to his contribution, he was selected as the nominee in the Academy Award. In addition, he is also a lifetime member of the Royal Society of Arts due to his dedication to art painting.

Arnold Friberg has made several popular paintings. His paintings always have a meaningful theme that can attract all of the people. One of the most famous paintings of his works is The Prayer at Valley Forge. This painting tells about a general who is doing prayer in the middle of the Valley Forge Forest. The people assume that the general in his painting is General Washington. He was silently praying for asking a winning in the war. Another popular painting of Arnold Friberg is the Eight Faces of Moses. This painting is a set that shows the different faces of Moses in a different situation. It tells about the journey of Moses as a slave, stays in Jethro’s well, story of Moses with Sephora in Midian, the condition of Moses before seeing the Burning Bush, the condition of Moses after seeing the Burning Bush, Moses crosses the Red Sea, Moses sees the Orgy of Golden Calf, and Moses gets the immortality on Mount Nebo. Another popular painting is Mind If I join. This painting tells about a man who wants to join the gentlemen group for having a drink. The setting location of this painting is in a bar.

If you are interested to buy the painting of Arnold Friberg, you can purchase it in several ways. The first one is by purchasing from the official website. In there, you can find the available collection of Arnold Friberg. However, you may need to prepare a lot of money since the price will be expensive. The second one is by purchasing from the auction. You can look for several auctions and see the name of Arnold Friberg on its list. Then, you can try to make a deal about the price of the painting. The third one is by purchasing the re-creation and replica of Arnold Friberg. It will be easier for you to get the replica than the authentic paintings.


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