April 2, 2020

Arnold Friberg Painting, The Story of Struggling and Conflict

Arnold Friberg Painting, The Story of Struggling and Conflict – Arnold Friberg is one of the lifetime members of the Royal Society of Arts. He was born on December 21, 1913. And, he passed away on July 1, 2020. Arnold Friberg is an American painter that mainly works on the religious and struggling theme. A lot of his paintings are popular throughout the world such as The Prayer at Valley Forge and Eight Faces of Moses. The Prayer at Valley Forge tells about the situation when General Washington did praying at Valley Forge. Meanwhile, the Eight Faces of Moses tells about the face of Moses in a different situation and location.

Well, among Arnold Friberg’s popular painting, there is a dominant theme in his work. Arnold Friberg is widely known as the painter who put the struggling, conflict, and war theme in his painting. This what makes some people admire his paintings. Why does the theme mostly about struggling? Well, in this case, the struggling theme may be correlated with the history of his life. Arnold Friberg was so struggling in his early time as the painter. He needed to do heavy work to get the money so that he was able to continue his studies. As time passed on, he showed the people about his talent in painting. Then, he had an opportunity to join and enroll in the Grand Central School of Art. However, World War II was started right after that. It had broken his opportunity. Continuing his struggling, he joints the military army. He took a part in World War II. Since then, he changed his point of view and started to draw more about the struggle, conflict, and war theme. When World War II was finished, he started to draw some phenomenal paintings. One of them is The Prayer at Valley Forge.

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