August 11, 2018

Facts about Arnold Friberg That You Might Have Missed

Arnold Friberg can be considered as one of the most famous painters in US. However, he is not as famous as Picasso or some other great painters. That is because painting was his passion as well as his works. Yes, he was painting to get the money for living. That might be one unique thing that you cannot find from many other painters. That is because without painting, he would not live until the end of his time in 2010. If you are interested, here are some other facts about Arnold Friberg that you might have missed.

For the start, you might have never known that Arnold Friberg used to join the military army. This incident happened during the Second World War. When the war began, he went to Grand Central School of Art. The unique thing is the fact that he volunteered to join the United States Army with no one told him to do that. The second thing that you might have missed is the fact that his drawing and painting skills were realized by the army so that he was offered the position as a captain on the Air Corps. However, he refused that kind of offer because he thought that he was still able to stand on the field fighting there. Fortunately, the 86th Infantry Division where he joined at that time did not waste his talent in drawing and painting. That is why he was placed behind the desk to help with drawing the possible maps of the attack and such things with this division during the Second World War.

Facts about Arnold Friberg That You Might Have MissedThe next one is the fact that his painting careers began to grow when he wanted to help his wife about her health. For your information, his wife had a problem with her health so that the doctor suggested them to move to a drier place, Utah. That was the first time when he was asked to help to recreate some events at the Sunday school in one church there. Satisfied with the result, he earned a proper payment and that is when the news was spread about the existence of one great artist in Utah. Those are some of the facts about Arnold Friberg that you might have missed, not only as a painter who painted a lot of masterpieces, but also as a person who helped the United States Army during the Second World War.


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