April 2, 2020

Some Famous and Valuable Paintings of Arnold Friberg

Some Famous and Valuable Paintings of Arnold Friberg – If we talk about Arnold Friberg, we cannot forget about his artworks and masterpieces. Friberg was produced a lot of amazing paintings that are not unique, but each of the paintings has own value. Here are some of the famous paintings of Arnold Friberg’s all the time.
– Prayer at Valley Forge

The Prayer at Valley Forge is one of the most famous and valuable paintings that become the real masterpiece of Arnold Friberg. Besides the detail, color, texture, proportion, contrast and other elements on the painting is amazing, you can find meaningful value through the painting.

This painting is portrayed as a general who is praying in the middle of the Valley Forge forest. And for your information, that general or man on the painting is the picture of General Washington that prayed for the winning of the war like when you pray to win online betting at https://agenbola108.cc. The real authentic painting is worth more than 40,000 dollars and was auctioned with the minimum deposit of 25,000 dollars.

– Mind If I Join You
The second famous painting is Mind If I Join You that the real authentic price is said to worth 20,000 dollars. Through this painting, we can see the masculine image when a man inside a bar and wants to join a group of people to have a drink. This one also becomes one of the masterpieces of Arnold Friberg’s artwork all the time.

– Geronimo
Geronimo becomes another famous of Arnold Friberg’s painting that has a high price to reach more than 15,000 dollars for the real authentic one. This Geronimo painting is made for the dedication of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Even though other great paintings also related or similar to this painting, but Geronimo still becomes one of the best ones.

– Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments is the masterpiece of Arnold Friberg when he teamed up with the film “Ten Commandments”. One of the posters created by Friberg was amazingly famous. In the painting, you will see an amazing detail, texture, proportion, color and other elements that can make it look real and impressive. You can see the sea that truly parted into two and just feel the impression.

As one of the well-known painters and illustrators in the world, Arnold Friberg produced a lot of artwork that still famous and valuable until this time. And some of his artworks, paintings and illustrators are Prayer at Valley Forge, Mind If I Join You, Geronimo and also Ten Commandments


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