September 24, 2018

Some of the Best Masterpieces from Arnold Friberg Re-Creations

Arnold Friberg is known as one of the best re-creator in the world of painting. That is because there are some re-creations of Arnold Friberg that can be considered as the real masterpieces that he has. As a matter of fact, some of those re-creations are priced for a really high price. If you are interested to know what those re-creations are, here are some of them.

Mind If I Join your gentlemenThe first one is the famous Prayer at Valley Forge re-creation. This one is the real masterpiece of Arnold Friberg. On this painting, you can see a general who is praying alone in the middle of Valley Forge forest. Many people believed that is the picture of General Washington who silently prayed for the winning of the war. That one is totally touchy for many people. The next one is Mind If I Join. This one is quite similar with the first one, but the concept is rather different. On this re-creation, you will see a man inside a bar who wants to join a group of gentlemen just to have a drink. This one is also becoming one of the best re-creations from Arnold Friberg.

Some of the Best Masterpieces from Arnold Friberg Re-CreationsThe last one is the sets from Ten Commandments. For your information, Arnold Friberg used to have a contract to make some posters about a film called Ten Commandments and he had to make some posters. Amazingly, one of the posters became one of the best re-creations of Arnold Friberg. It is the time when the sea parted into two. From the re-creation, you can surely feel the impression that the sea is truly parted. That kind of thing is not something that you can easily get from many other similar paintings. That is one thing that made this re-creation becomes one of his masterpieces.


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