August 17, 2020

Some of the Best Paintings of Arnold Friberg

Arnold Friberg is one of the greatest painters in United States. He passed away for almost one decade, but most of his paintings are still remain. As a matter of fact, some of his paintings are sold for thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, for the replicas, there are some of his paintings that are sold for more than 300 dollars, which is not a cheap price for a replica. For those who are wondering, here are some of the best paintings that Arnold Friberg had painted in his life.

– The Winter at Valley Forge
The first one is The Winter at Valley Forge. It is actually a simple painting of a man riding his horse on the woods in Valley Forge. The condition was winter when the painting was painted. That is why the name of the painting is The Winter at Valley Forge. For your information, the man riding the horse on this painting is George Washington. The story behind the painting was the illustration when George Washington was confused about the result of the World War that they were dealing with. The story behind the painting made the painting quite famous.

– The Prayer at Valley Forge
The second one is The Prayer at Valley Forge. Some people say that this painting is related with the first painting, The Winter at Valley Forge. However, this painting was painted before The Winter at Valley Forge. Meanwhile, talking about the story behind the painting, it was George Washington who was praying in the middle of a night in the woods. He kneeled down next to his horse and pray for the end of the World War. The religious impression from the painting made this painting as famous as it is now. have publish information about this painting before it been sell on the auction house for most famouse painting of Washington.

Eight Faces of Moses

– Eight Faces of Moses
The last one is the Eight Faces of Moses. For those who have not known, Arnold Friberg is one of those artist that have a lot of religious arts and masterpieces. One of them is the Eight Faces of Moses. This masterpiece is a set of face paintings of a man considered as Moses. That is why the set will never be alone. There will always be the total of eight faces together hanging on the wall. For your information, this set might be one of the most expensive painting from Arnold Friberg. It is because the set was auctioned for the starting price of 600,000 dollars and it is increasing.


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