September 17, 2020

The Another Side of Arnold Friberg Paintings

The Another Side of Arnold Friberg Paintings – Utah’s artist Arnold Friberg is a great painter who needs more recognition. He worked so hard until his death came in 2010. He painted some famous paintings such as ‘Prayer at Valley Forge’ and ‘The Ten Commandments’ for Cecil B. DeMille’s movie. Though his creations are remarkable, there is another side of them that may or may not be favoured by the public.
• The Sense of Familiarity
Somehow familiarity is not a favoured feature in the painting. Friberg’s pictures have this feature just like what Van Gogh did. Friberg painted something that we are familiar with, and this makes the picture seems ordinary. Beyond the painting itself, Friberg actually gave deeper meaning in each of the canvas for us to contemplate.

However, we can enjoy this familiarity since Friberg is a talented painter. He worked hard for painting, and thus he earnt a fortune from it.

• Against the Trend
There is nothing terrible about being against the trend, just like playing and placing bets in , nothing terrible will happen since players tend to win the jackpot. The only problem is that sometimes people do not give enough appreciation for the ones who against the trend. Friberg did this the whole time of his career. He was against the painting style trend of his era.

He stayed with realism as he knows that he is good at it rather than join the other artists in the same era who focus on surrealism and postmodernism. He was consistent enough with his style, and therefore he becomes an outstanding artist for his era.

Arnold Friberg Paintings

• Has His Own Vision
Friberg is well known for his religious paintings along with several patriotism paintings. What somehow controversial is the religious one as Friberg sometimes had his own opinion about how he portrayed God.

As an example, is his sketch “First Vision” where he paints the embodied Christ and God. This sketch is considered as a rebellion by Christian churches and becomes the controversial one. However, you may agree that this sketch is beautiful.

Loved by many people, Arnold Friberg may have another side which contradictive with the public. Yet, his paintings are masterpieces which should be appreciated more. His patriotism and religious spirits will remain to be an inspiration for others.


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