August 13, 2018

The Most Productive Years of Arnold Friberg

The late of Arnold Friberg can be considered as one of the famous painters that you can find in America. That is because his paintings are gorgeous. As an addition to that, during his life, most of his works are related with the theme of religion and also a man who fought bravely or showing his masculinity. Because of that reason, you will see at least one man standing above everything on many of his paintings. Even though his life career as a painter cannot be compared with the other great painter, at least you can simply say that many of his works are stunning. As an addition to that, during his life, he made hundreds of paintings.

As an artist, there were times when he could not paint that much, but there were also times when he was able to paint a lot of things. That can be seen from the number of paintings that he had during his project with Cecil B. DeMille. He was offered a job to make some paintings, the illustrated ones, about the Ten Commandments. That is because Cecil was working on something related with that and Cecil knew that Arnold Friberg was one of the best that can help. The main reason was because of the painting style of Arnold Friberg that is related with the religion and stuffs. Because of that reason, Cecil trusted Arnold Friberg to do all of the paintings about the Ten Commandments.

The Most Productive Years of Arnold FribergFor your information, during his project with Cecil, Arnold Friberg can be considered as one of the most productive painters. That is because in one year Arnold Friberg was able to paint about 16 paintings. That number can be considered as something great for a painter considering that many painters need few weeks to finish one painting. Considering the fact that Arnold Friberg was able to make at least 15 paintings at that time, it means he was able to finish at least one painting in two to three weeks, even shorter than that. The more amazing thing that you will not want to miss is the fact that all of the paintings for Ten Commandments are considered as some of the best, which is not easy. As an addition to that, the painting of the Ten Commandments also helped him to reach the award nomination ceremony. Yes, the Ten Commandments project with Cecil was quite a big hit because of the help from the illustration from Arnold Friberg.


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