September 17, 2020

The Prayer at Valley Forge by Arnold Friberg

The Prayer at Valley Forge by Arnold Friberg – As one of the greatest painters that United States had, the name of Arnold Friberg has been known throughout the nation. That is because he had painted a lot of great paints and illustrations. One of the greatest masterpiece that he had painted is The Prayer at Valley Forge. This painting was sold for thousand dollars some years ago. As a matter of fact, the replicas of this painting are sold for the average of 300 to 500 dollars. It all depends on the quality of the media and the size that you want. Until this time, there are some people who are wondering why this painting is considered as one of the best masterpieces of Arnold Friberg. If you are wondering about the same thing, then you need to know these reasons below.

– The Fact that The Man Is George Washington
The first one is because of the man inside the painting. One of the easiest things that you can do to increase the value of your paint is by painting one of the most affectionate people at that time. On this case, it is the George Washington. All of the people in United States know who George Washington is. Most of the American people even admire him as one of the greatest men in the history of United States. This is one simple reason why this painting from Arnold Friberg gets a lot of attention, even after the painter passed away for almost a decade ago.

The Prayer at Valley Forge

– The Religious Message Inside the Paint
The second reason why this painting from Arnold Friberg is very famous is because of the religious message behind the paint. As the name implies, the paint is the representation of George Washington who prayed at the Valley Forge. Many people believed that this is the real condition that happened during the war happened many years ago. When George Washington had time even just a minute to pray for his nation, he did that. Some people also believed that United States will not win the world war if it was not because of the pray of George Washington. Even until this time, there are still a lot of people who are questioning if the moment was truly captured by someone until it was finally turned into painting by Arnold Friberg. That is why the painting is still becoming one of the debatable matter for some people who are into arts.


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