August 12, 2018

Valuable Paintings in Arnold Friberg Life


Arnold Friberg was an artist, a painter, but he was not an ordinary artist. That is because most of his masterpieces are made based on some requests to help someone. In short, you can simply say that many of his masterpieces are made for a living, not for that kind of passionate paintings or things. Even though, that does not mean he does not have the valuable paintings to sell. In fact, as one unique artist, there are some valuable paintings that can be considered as something totally priceless. If you are curious, here are some of the most valuable paintings from Arnold Friberg that you can find.

The first one is Geronimo. This painting was made when he was asked to paint some paintings during his dedication with Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Basically, there are some other paintings that are quite similar with this one, but this painting named Geronimo is one of the best that you can find. As an addition to that, the price for the real painting is said to reach more than 15,000 dollars. That is because the authentic replica of this painting is worth for at least 7,500 dollars. The second one is Mind If I Join You. This painting is also one of the best that Arnold Friberg has. This is a painting about a gentleman who wants to join a group of people in a bar. The masculinity impression of this painting is one thing that you can surely feel from this painting. For the artist proof version, this painting was tagged for about 5,000 dollars sell the painting price is cheaper than the Geronimo is. However, the real price is said to reach 20,000 dollars.

Valuable Paintings in Arnold Friberg LifeThe last one is the real masterpiece from Arnold Friberg. It is the Prayer at Valley Forge. The fact that the man on the painting is George Washington is the one that made this painting totally famous. That is because this event really happened in the past when George Washington silently prays in the middle of a forest during a war. That event was captured by Nathaniel Randolph Snowden, who was with the General George Washington at that time. The exact quotation can be found on the Diary and Remembrances. For your information, the real painting is said to worth more than 40,000 dollars. That is because this painting was auctioned with the minimum deposit of 25,000 dollars some years back.


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