February 7, 2019

Why Arnold Friberg Paintings are Related with Struggling

If you are a fan of Arnold Friberg, you will notice that there are quite a lot of his paintings with the theme of struggling or fighting. At least, if you want to check the details and the background of the paintings, you might have found yourself being trapped on the war of a conflict. Some of you might be asking why Arnold Friberg was making those paintings with that kind of theme. Basically, there are some simple reasons why he made most of those paintings. Here are some of them.

The first one is the fact that he joined the World War II. Yes, this one can be considered as one of the most important thing that happened in his life. That is because if he never joined the fight in World War II, most of his paintings might not be related with the struggling or conflict. Therefore, you can simply say that joining the World War II is one of those events that changed his own perception about painting and about the world. For your information, on the World War II, he was offered one of the positions on the back place. That is because he was quite known for his drawing skills. However, he chose to go up front, though he was still drawing the map on the front line. This is also one thing that gave him a lot of experiences that finally became his masterpieces. One of them is The Prayer at Valley Forge.

Another reason might be caused by the fact that he was also struggling to have a better life as a painter even before he joined the World War II. This one is actually something that many people experienced in the past, especially when they are running for their dreams. That is also one thing that the young Arnold Friberg did. That is because he was struggling to earn the money that he needed for the education. That is the kind of struggling that many people will surely understand. To make it even worse, the World War II started when he finally had his chance to join the Grand Central School of Art. That is why he decided to join the military army. This event is also one of the things that finally change his point of view from the eyes of Arnold Friberg. That is why can simply see the struggling theme for the masterpieces of Arnold Friberg.


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