Get to know the various styles of painters and their works

Get to know the various styles of painters and their works

Art is basically an embodiment of the imagination of an artist. Therefore, the style in painting is always evolving and every work of art has its own personalization. Not infrequently some of their works of art are able to captivate the hearts of millions of people. Like the painters below whose paintings became the most phenomenal works in the world:

1. Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent is a painter who is famous for his “expressionism” paintings. During his lifetime he managed to produce hundreds of paintings that were able to inspire other artists in the world. But this is not achieved instantly, because behind it all Vincent has a tragic life story. One of his most tragic stories is that he cut off his own ear during a feud with fellow artists. Not only that, Vincent also made 800 paintings and none of them sold at all. One of his most famous works is still life: vase with twelve flowers.

2. Raphael
Raphael was an Italian artist who was famous during the Renaissance. He is known to have a distinctive painting work with the Frolentine flow. Madonna and the child is one of Raphael’s most popular works in the world.

3. Pablo Picasso
When it comes to cubism painting, Pablo Picasso is one of the most popular artists. His paintings are categorized into several sections, such as the new period, the rose period, and analytical cubism. Some of his most phenomenal works are the three dancers, the old guitarist, and many more.

Leonardo Da Vinci

4. Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo is not only reliable in producing a painting, but he is also talented in the fields of architecture, engineers, sculptors, and others. Leonardo also managed to give birth to many innovations, such as helicopters, calculators, wetsuits, and parachutes. Some of his most phenomenal paintings are the Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper. Many works have been made by this Da Vinci, the price of each art if sold is like you get a jackpot in an slot online game with fantastic numbers

5. Henry Matisse
Henry earned the nickname as a modern painter, because his paintings use bright colors, flat shapes, and highly structured lines. He is one of Pablo’s friends who also succeeded in producing the most phenomenal paintings in the world. One of his most popular works is the goldfish, the music, women reading, the conversation, and many more.

6. Rembrandt Van Rijn
Rembrandt is a Dutch painter who is famous for introducing the technique of painting using oil paints. Rembrandt’s painting style seemed realistic and unfamiliar at that time. He is good at painting various objects, such as self-portraits, landscapes, animals, scenes, and others. Some of his most phenomenal works are the night watch, self-portrait, and others.

7. Frida Kahlo
Frida is a Mexican painter who produces paintings about her health. One of his most famous works is the two fridas and the wounded deer, which tell of the sufferings of his life.

8. Salvador Dali
This Spanish artist paints using his subconscious. Therefore most of his paintings are produced after Salvador’s dream, such as the persistence of memory. Not only painting, he is also skilled in sculpting and making furniture.

9. Jackson Pollock
Jackson is best known for introducing a new method of painting, namely dripping enamel paint directly onto canvas. And the method is now known as drip painting or drip paintings. Guardian of the secret is one of the most popular paintings in the world.

So, those are the 9 most phenomenal styles of painters and some of their works. Among the 9 schools above, which one is your favorite painter?