List of World Class Themed Gambling Artworks

List of World Class Themed Gambling Artworks

List of World Class Themed Gambling Artworks – Art is a work that arises from a human inspiration. Many things smell of art that can be created ranging from music, dance, painting and so on. This appears still invites controversy about who is the main originator. However, several well-known and well-known artists have begun to explore their personal abilities for a career and reign in a field that is considered very difficult.

Over time, the art also spread to the real money gambling tables. Not a few players who come by presenting the most quirky appearance to a different style of play. But for world-class painters, they also began to describe how fun the betting event was in the form of displays. Inspired by the casino and poker games, here we present some of the best artworks of all time.

  • Poker Player’s Dog – This first painting may be quite strange and ridiculous. The problem is not the people playing Poker, but the dogs. Cassius Marcellus Coolidge is a famous painter from the United States. He also managed to make the painting looted throughout the world in the 19th century ago. Some people believe that his work is one of the best of dozens of other paintings.

It is clear how the dogs sit at the gambling table while playing Poker. Uniquely, the painting was successfully marketed for US$658,000 at an auction in New York in 2015. Only the artists understand how expensive the work is. Because Coolidge is considered very skilled in providing new things in the world of painting.

Casino Players

  • Casino Players

The next one is the world famous painter from Georgia, Zaza Tuschmalischvili. He raised the theme of Casino Players who were engrossed in the betting table without deep anxiety and doubt. Initially, Tuschmalischvili was a famous painter who was very fond of capturing beautiful portraits in the natural surroundings. In the painting, it is clear how the feel of gambling games in the 90s.

Uniquely, he only uses watercolors and ink to give a painting effect to the image. As is known, he has immortalized a number of paintings with the theme of gambling. In fact, the first gambling painting published in early 1995 was successful in hitting the world with a selling price of 20,000 US dollars. Meanwhile, his latest work will still be auctioned.

  • Watcher’s Eye Series

The Watcher’s Eyes Series is a work of art by accomplished American artist Darren Thompson. He has also become a famous painter in the last decade. The most impressive thing about the painting is the use of oil paint as the base material. It is a distinctive feature that is very difficult to imitate by other painters. Meanwhile, the theme of the painting is Casino.

From the picture, it is clear that all the players are enjoying the city’s shuffle before dividing the chips between each player. On the other hand, the view outside the table is what makes the painting different. It is a world-class work of art ever. Even though new names emerged, they were not able to achieve success like that.

And of course these three world-class works of art are the best in the world. The theme of gambling is the rarest thing for most painters. It is certain that there will be millions of other works that do not rule out the possibility of raising the theme of betting as the main object.