Surprisingly, BRI Life Class Insurance Companies Experience Data Leaks

The whole world already has a variety of insurance companies ranging from small to large scale. Of course, the aim of the program has always been to help all human affairs in terms of finances. But who would have thought that an insurance company like BRI Life would experience a surprising data leak. According to the news currently circulating, the BRI Group subsidiary has been hit by various public inconveniences.

As reported by IDN Times, a number of customer data or BRI Life insurance policy holders were leaked and sold freely through social media. This condition has occurred on Tuesday (27/07/2021). It immediately got a tweet from the owner of the Twitter account @UnderTheBreach.

In that tweet, UnderTheBreach explained that there were more than 2,000 official BRI Life customers who were victims of data hacking. Not only that, hundreds of thousands of other important documents were also badly affected.

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UnderTheBreach also explained that the process of selling the data reached more than US$7,000 or around Rp. 101 million.
Has Been In Operation For More Than 25 Years

The report explains that BRI Life has been operating in Indonesia for more than 25 years. Based on information from the official website, the insurance company has never experienced bad things like today.

For decades, this case had appeared. However, the distribution is still not very massive. In a sense, they can solve small problems without dragging on. When viewed from the products offered, BRI Life is engaged in critical illness protection, life and health protection, education insurance, old age insurance to protection and investment.

All of these products have been implemented through various collaborative processes such as Alternative Distribution (digital products and micro life insurance products), In Branch (bancassurance life insurance products), Corporate (group life insurance products) and Agency (individual life insurance products).

Offering Potential Premiums To Millennials
Similar to other insurance companies, BRI Life also offers potential premiums to a number of Millennials. The company illustrates that young people must get used to thinking about their future.
In its implementation, BRI Life does not burden customers to run all kinds of products ranging from affordable premiums to maximum. Because the purpose of holding this is so that the younger generation can save money and set aside a few percent of their income.

On the one hand, the company is increasingly developing the potential of customers to continue to save without stopping. It is noted that the Lentera product offered only requires policyholders to invest for 5 years. But the long term they produce can reach 8 years.

Offer 110% Refund
And BRI Life has provided guarantees to all customers if they want to terminate the contract before the specified time. Later they will return customer funds worth 110%.
However, with a note, these benefits can only be taken if all customers do not make claims during their investment. And that means they are just waiting for the final coverage period to get a refund.

As is known, at the end of 2020 BRI Life has provided the best service to more than 10 million policyholders. And they benefit from the programs and products they have chosen.
Regarding the data leak case, it is believed that there is a shrimp behind the stone from the policy holders. Some reports say that they want to get a quick profit just to participate in online soccer gambling game activities.